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Back Massage

Harmony for body, mind and soul

Our innovations!

Alpha Cooling® Professional
Revolutionary cold treatment in the heart of Kitzbühel

Discover the groundbreaking technology in the areas of pain relief, regeneration and performance enhancement.

ACP - Alpha Cooling® Professional

This whole-body cold application works gently on your palms using a combination of cold and negative pressure and can therefore provide relief from rheumatic pain, chronic inflammation and numerous other symptoms of illness. We invite you to a free trial appointment so that you can see for yourself how effective it is.

Viennese cosmetic aroma wrap

More beautiful and slimmer with the power of nature!

The Wiener Kosmetikum® aroma wrap is a unique and highly effective body treatment with natural substances, directly from Austria!

With these applications you can achieve extremely spectacular results in the areas of cellulite treatment, slimming and skin tightening right from the first treatment, although the results achieved can be significantly increased with a spa treatment!

Pamper yourself with a specially developed massage technique!

​The  fitFace Facial massage is not a facial massage of a cosmetic nature.  The movements are stronger and more intense.

The aim is to knead the facial muscles. By strengthening the facial muscles, the wrinkles are smoothed out.

The effect can be seen and felt after the first massage.




Classic full body massage

Your recipe for success will reach your goal holistically!

During an extremely relaxing massage, the lymph flow is activated and metabolic products are removed from the tissue. At the same time, the metabolism is increased and the tissue is targeted to the stomach, legs & Buttocks tightened.

I am enthusiastic about Eva's massages and will always be her customer.



I was there for the first time today and the massage was absolutely great! Really really good!!! Nice studio and even with parking and that right in the center! I would love to come back !! See you soon dear Eva ....


Very professional and helpful massage both for athletic overuse of the muscles but also for tension in the neck and back muscles.



+43 (0) 664 957 3383

Wegscheidgasse 16 6370 - Kitzbühel

opposite JET gas station


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