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Classic massages

Full body massage

Total relaxation from head to toe. The comprehensive massage relieves tension, loosens muscles and gives new energy and vitality.

 50 min  €68  75 min €96   90 minutes   €109


Classic partial body massage


25 min € 38


Sports massage

Sports massage is a supplement to classic massage and is usually used to relieve tension after sporting activities, but also to prepare for training or competition. It promotes the athlete's well-being and increases performance. The massage is therefore carried out vigorously.

50 min €72  75 min  €99  90 min €112

Sports massage on legs

Foot massages

By specifically stimulating the nerve points, the entire organism can be stimulated and your body's self-healing powers can be activated.

25 mins  €38   50 minutes  €72

Reflexology Therapy

Combo massage

Back and feet

50 minutes   €68

Back massage

Lymphatic drainage

The purpose of this massage is to activate the body's lymphatic system. The lymph ensures optimal drainage of the body and is the carrier of the entire defense system of the organism. Lymphatic drainage is excellent for tension conditions such as edema, water retention, for detoxification and purification, or for stress, restlessness, sleep disorders, runny nose, digestive problems, strains and after surgical procedures.

50 min  €72   75 minutes  €99  90 minutes €112

Special massages

Kitz special

With homemade St. John's wort oil, from St. John's wort picked on Hornköpflewiese

50 min €72

St. John's wort oil.jpg

Honey massage

It is an old Tibetan/Russian healing method. The honey massage causes tissue irritation through the skin. The blood circulation is strongly stimulated, which means that relaxed areas can purify, regenerate and achieve pain relief. The massage opens the pores and allows the skin to breathe more freely.

40 min  €72 




After a stressful day at the office or car, this massage is perfect for relaxing your shoulders and neck.

Targets areas of tension using specific massage moves and acupressure to clear the mind, promote relaxation and relieve stiffness.

50 min € 68

Head massage

Mud pack for the back

Pamper yourself with a Lomi lomi Hawaiian massage. Enjoy the flowing movements from head to toe of the "queen of all massages"

Without treatment  25 min € 33 

        with treatment 25 min i€ 22

Moor pack (2).jpg

Back Intensive

Release the extreme neck, shoulder and back tension with changing temperature (warm stones and cooling aromatic oil mixture) and intensity. The strong heating increases blood circulation in the tissue and muscles, cell metabolism increases and waste products can be removed more easily.

40 min €72  60 min €90 

Soothing massages

Aromatic oil massage

with DoTerra certified essential oils

This soft, flowing treatment with an aromatic oil loosens and relaxes the muscles, tightens the connective tissue, improves skin tension, relieves pain and allows pent-up energy to flow freely again. The essential oils have an effect on both the body and the psyche.

 50 min  €72    75 min  €99   90 min €112

Image by alan caishan

Hot stone massage

Experience the beneficial effects of the hot stone massage, the relaxation through the warm stones for both body and mind

60 min €90   90 min €121

Hot stone massage

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage

Pamper yourself with a Lomi lomi Hawaiian massage. Enjoy the flowing movements from head to toe of the "queen of all massages"

60 min €90  90 min €121

 doTerra AromaTouch® Technique

A gentle yet powerful spine treatment with 8 different dōTERRA CPTG® certified essential oils. 

about 50 minutes  €78

fitFace Facial massage

The  fitFaceFacial massage is not a facial massage of a cosmetic nature.  The movements are stronger and more intense.

The aim is to knead the facial muscles. By strengthening the facial muscles, the wrinkles are smoothed out.

The effect can be seen and felt after the first massage.

Home visit from 95 EUR/1 hour

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