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Fresh kick

Viennese cosmetic ice wrap

No more tired, swollen legs! 

Experience a real solution to this annoying problem!  Our sensationalFresh kick leg wraps from Wiener Kosmetikum is the key to lighter, more vital legs.

With our ice wraps you will get rid of the feeling of heavy, tired legs. The mysterious combination of eucalyptus and peppermint has an anti-inflammatory effect and the cinnamon it contains stimulates blood circulation. It soothes swollen legs, soothes stressed skin and relaxes your muscles.

The refreshing aroma of the revitalizing herbs also gives you the ultimate freshness kick.

Who is the ice wrap massage suitable for? 

For people who fly long distances, drivers, athletes, hikers, people with sedentary or standing jobs, people with vascular problems or simply to "feel good". 

The course of treatment:

  • It begins with a dry brush peeling to better absorb the active ingredients and decongest the tissue.

  • The legs are rubbed with the appropriate essential oils, then the patient is wrapped in a wrap soaked in special active ingredients.

  • The active ingredients develop their effect during the subsequent 35-minute rest phase.

  • After the wrap is removed, the after-treatment gel is applied to the legs. This gel gently promotes lymph flow and gives a feeling of lightness and youthful freshness.

Individual treatment  approx. 60min                          €88 

with Slimyonik lymphatic massage approx. 90min   €99

Discover the fresh kick leg wraps from Wiener Kosmetikum now and experience the feeling of lighter, more vital legs!

Make an appointment now and let yourself be enchanted by its beneficial effects. Your legs will thank you!

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