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Revolutionary cold treatment in the heart of Kitzbühel


Discover the groundbreaking technology in the areas of pain relief, regeneration and performance enhancement.

ACP - Alpha Cooling® Professional

This whole-body cold application works gently on your palms using a combination of cold and negative pressure and can therefore provide relief from rheumatic pain, chronic inflammation and numerous other symptoms of illness. We invite you to a free trial appointment so that you can see for yourself how effective it is.

What happens in the body?

Release of endorphins
Endorphins are the body's own hormones. They reduce stress and have a pain-relieving effect. Endorphins are produced by the body itself.

Braking inflammation
Cold slows down the metabolism and thus also the inflammatory processes.

Oxygen transport
Blood carries oxygen. That is known. Less known but at least as important is, among other things: the transport of nutrients to the cells.

Thinning of the blood
The blood becomes thinner in the short term for faster and improved supply to the body.

Calming the nervous system
Cold causes harmonization in the autonomic nervous system. The so-called sympathetic nervous system is activated in the short term and the parasympathetic nervous system is strengthened in the long term. This reduces stress (pain also means “stress” for the body) and stimulates self-healing powers.


Areas of application

Gentle cold treatment without medication and side effects

• Arthritis
• Migraines
• Headache
• Inflammation
• Rheumatism
• Chronic inflammation
• Back pain
• Joint pain

• Nerve pain
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Increased blood pressure
• Sports injuries
• Strains
• Long Covid
• Depressions
• Sleep disorders,

• Muscle aches

CryoMETHOD - positive effects in your body

When you use cold with Alpha Cooling® Professional, you activate your body's own
Processes. Completely natural. Completely without freezing. Your body releases endorphins and
Thins the blood in the short term - thereby preventing the transport of oxygen and nutrients
is facilitated. A cryo application can not only be helpful or relieving -
Cold applications have always been known for increasing performance, for regeneration,
for better sleep,...

Arrange your short FREE trial appointment today.



"In our daily patient care, we often deal with cold applications. We therefore followed the development and described effects of ALPHA COOLING PROFESSIONAL (ACP) with curiosity and interest.

We visited your showroom in Allgäu to test ACP. The immediate and lasting effect was amazing. We were also impressed by the very simple and uncomplicated way of using it. We therefore decided to integrate ACP into our therapy concept and make it available to our patients. In order to further analyze the positive effects, we will conduct studies to accompany the treatment. I am impressed by the rapid and effective effect and the very uncomplicated way in which ACP is used and wish you continued success."



"Promising for lipedema. Lipedema is a fat distribution disorder of unknown cause that only affects women. In addition to the disturbing cosmetic appearance, the women affected often suffer from pain, which is mainly caused by water accumulation in the fatty tissue and the associated pressure on muscles and nerves. Cold therapy with ACP shows success in affected women. The moderate reduction in core body temperature obviously has an effect on the small vessels and stimulates the excretion of water, which can relieve pain as well as have a direct analgesic effect on the affected nerves. ACP is therefore a promising application for this condition that is otherwise difficult to treat."

Alpha cooling treatments
Single treatment: €40
10-course treatment: €350
+1: Try it for free!
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