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SLIMYONICS | AIR body styler

 More effective fat burning thanks to the extra oxygen!


  • During an extremely relaxing massage, the lymph flow is activated and metabolic products are removed from the tissue. At the same time, the metabolism is increased and the tissue is targeted to the stomach, legs & Buttocks tightened.


IYour recipe for success will help you achieve your goal holistically


  • Cellulite and obesity are as widespread as the many unsuccessful attempts to permanently combat them. Our credo: Take a relaxed and holistic approach - with SLIMYONIK® AIR applications from inside and outside.


  • The basis is the Bodystyler with oxygen inhalation in the SLIMYONIK® partner institutes. His individual pressure wave massages and the simultaneous inhalation of oxygen-enriched breathing air gently mobilize your lymphatic system and stimulate metabolism and blood circulation in the skin and fatty tissue.

Slimyonic treatments:

Individual treatment                                                                                       €62

10-course treatment                                                                             €499

10-course treatment with 10 cellulite massage

or detoxification body wrap                                                          €999

Body treatments:

Cellulite massage about 45 minutes                                                                  €65

Detoxification body wrap approx. 45 min                                                €65

Cellulite massage and detoxification body wrap approx. 75 min   €92

SLIMYONIK body styling programs:

Slim & Cellulite massage
Stimulates the reduction of fat deposits, tightening and strengthening the connective tissue.


Cellulite massage
Targeted tightening of the connective tissue, smoothing of the skin profile by stimulating lymphatic flow and blood circulation.


Lymphatic massage
Stimulates the removal of water retention, helps with detoxification. A real relief for heavy, swollen legs.


Relaxing massage
Deep inner calming, pleasant relaxation, stimulating metabolism.


Sports-massageOptimal regeneration after active sporting activity, supports the breakdown of lactate and can prevent muscle soreness

Special programs
to accompany cavitation treatment/after liposuction/reader lipo

Cellulite massage

Cellulite massage is a massage method to visibly improve cellulite skin. Anti-cellulite massage works by breaking down the underlying fat in the areas affected by cellulite. Increased blood circulation significantly improves the skin's appearance. Adhesions in the connective tissue are loosened and the connective tissue is thus tightened. Furthermore, it promotes detoxification, the lymph flow is stimulated, the supply of nutrients improves, and it creates relaxation and a good body feeling.

Slim & Cellulite body wrap

This is a body wrapping method with warm bandages. Blood circulation in the skin is stimulated by heat, the pores of the skin open and essential oils with active plant ingredients can penetrate into the deep layers. When the bandage cools down, the body produces heat and the metabolism of the muscles is increased. A process with real energy consumption takes place.

The draining and firming effect of this body wrap is particularly effective for treating cellulite. It is also ideal for local fat storage in the tissue, as the tissue is strengthened and drained. 

Both treatments are very good additions to the  Slimyonic treatments!

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