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Body Wrap

More beautiful and slimmer with the power of nature!

The Wiener Kosmetikum® aroma wrap is a unique and highly effective body treatment with natural substances, directly from Austria!

With these applications you can achieve extremely spectacular results in the areas of cellulite treatment, slimming and skin tightening right from the first treatment, although the results achieved can be significantly increased with a spa treatment!

The aroma wrapping method is suitable for anyone who has problems with their figure. It is also recommended for reducing cellulite, refining the feel of the skin, treating stretch and stretch marks, treating skin problems associated with weight gain and loss, and tightening sagging, sagging skin.


It is particularly suitable as an aid to any diet, or as a supplementary treatment to a purification and detoxification treatment or a therapeutic fast.

What can you achieve with this treatment?


  • Size reduction and acceleration of fat loss through the cold-warm effect. The result can be measured in centimeters immediately after treatment.

  • Targeted detoxification of problem areas thanks to the composition of essential oils and the effect of a special wrapping technique.

  • Strong anti-cellulite effect. There are special active ingredients for stronger cellulite.

  • Achieving a significant tightening of the skin and tissue in the treated areas through the successive technological steps and the wrapping technique.

Why is change guaranteed?

The Wiener Kosmetikum® body treatment is a special technology that cannot be compared to any other slimming procedure!
The method is based on a cold-warm effect. The essential oils contained in the active ingredients cause intensive blood circulation and blood flow to the upper connective tissue layer
hten, which in turn creates a feeling of inner coldness in the deeper layers of the body. One of the basic functions of the body is maintaining internal thermal balance, which is necessary for the functioning of the body and its internal organs. To maintain thermal balance, the body must break down and burn excess stored nutrients (body fat) to use the resulting energy to maintain thermal balance.

The course of treatment:

  • The part of the body to be treated is rubbed with the essential oils suitable for the problem, then the patient is tightly wrapped in a compress soaked with special active ingredients from the knees to the lower chest.

  • The active ingredients develop their effect during the subsequent 45-minute rest phase.

  • After the wrap is removed, the post-treatment cream is applied to the problem areas, which improves the elasticity, firmness and moisture of the skin.


The first amazing results

” Last summer I tried a 10-course treatment with Viennese cosmetic body wraps with Eva at the Kitz Massage Studio. I've struggled with loose skin since I was a teenager and unfortunately I've also developed more and more cellulite. After the treatment, my cellulite has visibly reduced and my skin has become noticeably firmer. I can highly recommend this treatment.” 

Beautiful and slim body treatments

Individual treatment  approx. 60min  €88

with Slimyonics 90min €125

10s  Spa treatment (60min)    €799

10s  Spa treatment (90min)    €999

Customer reviews

” To the entire Kitz Massage team,

all ladies tried hard and friendly. Flexible and great opening hours. Very  clean and hygienic.

Had 10 treatments with the Viennese cosmetic aroma wrap, was very happy with the results and would recommend it to everyone. 

A big thank you to the whole team!”  K.F Kitzbühe

"I am extremely satisfied that I tried the body wraps at the Kitz Massage Studio Wiener Kosmetikum.

I had pretty deep stretch marks from my pregnancy, but they are less pronounced now and look much better.

Thank you very much dear Eva, I can only warmly recommend it."

Slavika, Saint John

After the Viennese cosmetic aroma wrap, we recommend the Slimyonik lymphatic massage,
to support the elimination of waste products.

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