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About me

I am very happy to live the passion of my life as a massage therapist at the place where I love to live, in Tyrolean Alps.

It is very important for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle by being conscientious about what I eat, how much I exercise, how much time I can spend in nature and what type of job I do.

I have a degree in Economics and I had been working as an Area Sales Manager for many years in London, supervising people, dealing with customers and being under constant high pressure to meet the sales targets every week.

That is why I made a very important decision about 10 years ago to leave my job and have a career change.


My concept

I consider myself a person who likes helping other people, who values family, friends and nature. I like meeting and getting to know different types of personalities. I am open minded, accepting and a good listener.

As a massage therapist I can use these qualities while I am working with clients. As well, I appreciate the tranquil and peaceful working environment where both the massage therapist and the client can enjoy a nice time, which can be calming and healing.

I believe massage can provide a very deep and healing state to anybody who search for this form of therapy.  During the Session my clients can gain enjoyment as well as relief from any tense muscles or related pain in their body.


II look forward to welcoming you to Kitz-Massage soon!


Eva Farkas

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