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Aromatic oil massage

with DoTerra certified essential oils

This soft, flowing treatment with an aromatic oil loosens and relaxes the muscles, tightens the connective tissue, improves skin tension, relieves pain and allows pent-up energy to flow freely again. The essential oils have an effect on both the body and the psyche.

50 min  € 625  75 min € 90   90 min € 102

Image by alan caishan

Hot stone massage

Experience the beneficial effects of the hot stone massage, the relaxation through the warm stones for both body and mind

60 min €82   90 min €112

Hot stone massage

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage

Pamper yourself with a Lomi lomi Hawaiian massage. Enjoy the flowing movements from head to toe of the "queen of all massages"

60 min €82   90 min €112

 doTerra AromaTouch® Technique

A gentle yet powerful spine treatment with 8 different dōTERRA CPTG® certified essential oils. 

about 50 minutes  €72

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